“My family has been coming to see Dr. Grantland for 7 years. I have mild scoliosis and so coming to Dr. Grantland has been invaluable. She worked on me during my pregnancy and has worked on my son Aiden since he was born. At the first sign of sickness, having an adjustment has allowed our immune systems to do what they are supposed to do and we have prevented full-blown illnesses or trips to the doctor. We have had relief from colic, digestive issues, birth trauma, teething, colds and back pain. Dr. Grantland is a wealth of information and not only offers excellent chiropractic care but great expertise on how to achieve overall health and wellness.”

– Cherie

“During my first trimester I was experiencing extreme discomfort that prevented me from sleeping. My midwife recommended that I see a chiropractor who was prenatal and Webster certified. I was very hesitant to visit a chiropractor; however, after one visit with Dr. Grantland I started sleeping soundly through the night and I became a believer in chiropractic care! I’ve visited her throughout my pregnancy and she has greatly assisted my body in staying aligned as it adjusts to all the changes of pregnancy. Dr. Grantland is an outstanding chiropractor who treats you like family and the office staff is very efficient and friendly. It’s always a pleasant visit with Dr. Grantland at Family Wellness Chiropractic.”

– Cristina, Age 28

“Dr Alexia Grantland has helped my two daughters with some major back related issues and injuries. She helped my oldest daughter at just 6 weeks of age when she had acid reflux. She helped her so much that we were able to avoid medication for that condition. More recently Dr Grantland helped my oldest daughter, now 7 yrs old, with a whiplash injury. It took a few visits to get her neck to agree to stay in place and to heal but now she is back to her normal active self. Dr Grantland has a wonderful bedside manner and my girls have always felt very comfortable with her. She always takes her time with us and she answers any questions I have and explains any treatment recommendation. She is highly skilled and abundant in knowledge relating to health and spine wellness. There’s no doubt that she loves what she does and we highly recommend her!”

– Brenda T.

“Dr. Grantland is highly professionally yet friendly and connects with you on a personal level. She takes her time and is extremely patient with her pediatric patients (and their parents). I took my now 5 year old daughter when she was an infant for severe reflux and have been taking my one year son since he was a few months old. She has helped with his reflux issues as well as his hip issues. Each time we visit with her, she takes the time to welcome him and let him adjust to being there which makes for a very pleasant visit. We have seen such improvement in our son since bringing him to see Dr. Grantland. In addition to offering excellent services, Dr. Grantland has an inviting and knowledgable office staff that makes the whole visit a pleasantly remarkable one. Dr. Grantland also offers an affordable and workable visit fee for instances when your insurance may not cover the services. I highly recommend Dr. Grantland to anyone that may have pediatric chiropractic needs and often do to family and friends.”

– Christina

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